Kamata Junior

Kamata Junior

The dance workshops are the most important part of this event in terms of the amount of participants. KAMATA organizes one of the largest urban dance conventions in the world. This is why we offer dance classes in 2 sports centers (VUB and ULB/ERASMUS). This should offer more comfort and more space for dancers.


Rooms are split up according to dance level. Teachers will take into account the level to be taught in each room! This guarantees that dancers get the best out of every class they take.

These classes allow dancers to get the chance to meet dance teachers of exceptional quality, instructors that were selected according to their field of expertise.

KAMATA Junior (New)

ULB/Erasmus: 1 room for level « beginner/intermediate » +13 years

Dancers can take the following classes: Hip Hop, Afro Fusion, House Dance & Waacking.

Timing 2019 ULB Erasme
11.15 am > 11.45 am Hip Hop
Gina Michael
12.10 am > 1.25 pm Afro Fusion
Petit Afro (Tanzanie)
1.50 pm > 3.05 pm Hip Hop
Duc Anh Tran (Hongrie)
3.30 pm > 4.45 pm House Dance
Kapela Marna (France)
5.10 pm > 6.25 pm Waacking
Ibuki Imata (Japon)


Kamata Junior

Hall des sports ULB / Erasme

(ULB Erasmus Campus/Build. O- metro Erasmus)
Route de Lennik 808
1070 Brussels (follow ‘Emergencies’)


VUB: 2 rooms for level « intermediate/advanced » +13 years

ULB/Erasmus: 1 room for level « intermediate/advanced » +13 years