Kamata Kids


On Sunday, November 5, one room is booked for “KAMATA KIDS”.

Kids from 8 to 12 years old (max. 14 years old) can take 4 hours of dance class with HIGHLY QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS; House Dance, Hip Hop, Waacking & Afro Fusion.

This is a new concept we launched last year to give kids the opportunity to challenge themselves. Each year, more and more kids come to Kamata and this is the best way for those young dancers to learn as much as possible.

Timing Room 2
11.15 am > 11.30 am Speech Fundi Omari
11.30 am > 12.30 pm House Dance
12.45 pm > 1.45 pm Hip Hop
Fanny Van Geel
2.30 pm > 3.30 pm Waacking
Rudi Smit
3.45 pm > 4.45 pm Afro Fusion
Reis Fernando