Kamata Starter

On Sunday, 3 November 2019, one location is booked for KAMATA Starter.

This is the second edition of KAMATA Starter which is an event dedicated to all adults wanting to explore the art of dancing as beginners. It will take place at MOVE ZONE (not far from VUB). This event focusses on 4 different dance styles: Hip Hop, Afro Fusion, Urban Latin Dance and Girly, which will be taught by experienced teachers selected to give optimal learning opportunity and to ensure students have fun and get physically involved – stress free!

These courses do not require any dance skills. If you are interested in exploring dance, KAMATA Starter is for you! Take advantage of our group deal, and come with friends!

Timing 2019 Move Zone
11.00 am > 12.00 pm Hip Hop
David Vandenplas
12.25 pm > 1.25 pm Latin Hip Hop
Oscar Milan + Claudia Pahola Herrera Montoya
2.25 pm > 3.25 pm Afro Fusion
Didier Muamba
3.50 pm > 4.50 pm Girly Hip Hop ou Street Jazz
Flavio Castellino

Move Zone
rue Général Thys 12
1050 Brussels